Muso Foli Dance Troupe and Foli Kan Drum Ensemble

Muso Foli Dance Troupe founded by Rhythm Culture in 2014 is a performance group based on the Sunshine Coast actively training and performing at community events and festivals in South East QLD. The troupe performs regularly with the Foli Kan Drum Ensemble and also runs African dance workshops for organisations and festivals. The group gains influence from renowned dancers such as Moustapha Bangoura. The six women each have their own background and experience in West African culture and rhythm and when combined bring years of experience to the dance troupe that is now Muso Foli

Together the Muso Foli Dance Troupe and Foli Kan Drum Ensemble present a 14 piece West African drum and dance ensemble playing West African rhythms. Six dancers and eight drummers complete the group with African djembe, dundun and percussion. Dancers perform as a synchronised group and also participate in drumming whilst dancing!

Their colourful and festive costumes create a vibrant visual spectacle while the drumming and dancing brings spontaneity and interactive fun with the audience. Watch the dancers spin moves and pound the big stick drums! Listen to lightning fast djembe solo’s! Feel the African melodies, soul claps and foot stomping grooves! This all acoustic performance group generates a huge sound and sends a tribal pumping energy pulsating through the crowd. It brings a drum and dance party to any big event.

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